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Aug 13, 2021

5 min read

From 3D Unity Engineer to Project Manager

From 3D Unity Engineer to Project Manager

Leading successful projects requires the intertwining of a lot of different skills. Meeting deadlines, and coordinating people and tasks, while still keeping in mind the desires of the client is the job of a project manager. One of ours moved from being a 3D Unity engineer to a project manager. His name is Dino. We asked him to tell us more about the switch, what he likes the most about his job and how he manages to keep everything and everyone working in harmony. Here’s his story.

Photo: Josip Ninković

3D Unity and programming

Dino joined us three years ago as a Junior 3D Unity Engineer, but that wouldn’t have been possible if he wasn’t already skilled in 3D Unity. ‘I first got a feel for 3D Unity at university. It all looked so complicated, but I love a good challenge.’
Passing the phase where everything looked like a big pile of data, numbers and axes, he started working on his own projects which led to him developing his own game.
After joining the team he worked on many creative projects. ‘Working here as a developer is really different from what you would expect from a regular dev job. Instead of just writing the code, every developer also has a role to play in the project’s creative story. I got to participate in developing scenarios and stories, deciding which technology to use in each project, and defining different features and details, as well as the functionality and the look of each application. There was just so much challenge in working as a 3D engineer. The team of engineers at Delta Reality is great. My mentor Vedran really did a great job of tutoring me, and the team was always there to help me out.’

Project management

In our team, everyone brings something to the table. Some bring killer creative ideas, some smash the code, some bring monsters and magical beings to life, and others keep the project neat and tidy. Dino loved his job as a Junior 3D Unity engineer but there was something about project management that kept on pulling him in so he decided to try his luck as a project manager.
Today he has more than 10 successful projects behind him, with another two currently open. This success requires determination, detailed planning and sharp execution.

‘My day starts with checking the time logs of my team and making sure that each member knows what to do. I also communicate with clients, coordinate my team and give out specific instructions while making sure that everything is done to deadline. Time management is crucial, and so is open and precise communication,’ explains Dino.
Though the job brings many challenges, he would never rethink his decision. ‘Project management is all about pristine organisation, while in programming you take a more logical approach. I miss programming sometimes, but I am very happy where I am.’

Nurturing great relations

Dino’s role also includes overcoming obstacles, so whenever there is a problem, the team solves it together. ‘We don’t believe in doing things tomorrow if they can be done today, and the same rule applies to any disagreements we may have. I encourage my team members to speak up about anything that is bothering them. I believe that this is the only way to keep your employees happy and content at all times.’
What tips would he give to those seeking a job in the XR field? ‘Working at Delta Reality in any department is not a job that fits under any labels or descriptions. For instance, our 3D Unity engineers play a role in creativity and we encourage that. No one is just a ‘code monkey’, rather we all actively participate in creating the right solution for the client. Our team is made up of talented people.

To those looking for a job at Delta Reality, I can only say that you need to bring your best and keep an open mind. The job here, no matter the position, is unpredictable, creative and fun! If you are looking for a great working atmosphere, and a team that listens to and backs each other up other, then look no further.’

We are currently looking for project managers , senior 3D artists and senior 3D Unity engineers. If Dino’s story has piqued your interest, let us know and we can organise an informative meeting, or you can simply apply for your desired position. More information is available here.

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