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Here is the part of the page where we are supposed to act happy-go-lucky, with wide smiles and the sun shining eternally straight above us. 

We are not that team. 

Our CEO and creative director can pull a concept out of his back pocket during the meeting. Our COO is a guy who literally grew up in the company and knows exactly what we can and cannot do. Our CTO is the guy able to crunch complex XR concepts into layman terms in 10 sentences. One of our top-notch developers speaks mostly in one-liners. Another one asked us to add AI to his job requirement because he felt he can do more, even though he has a full workload. Call us old school; we don’t come to work to have fun, we have fun after we’ve done our work. We also get nervous, we argue and discuss at great lengths about details within the project. We really care. 

We are a team of 25 (and growing) exceptional humans plus six dogs never running out of ideas and never hiding from challenges. 

This is also a team of curious people. We are curious as to why are things in our industry the way they are? How can we change that? What happens if two or more XR fields are combined? What if we do it in the same project? From how far could we trigger the AR marker? Do we need the marker at all? 

What’s faster? Are we keeping in mind the fact that grannies need to be able to use this? Could we overdeliver on the deployment? 

What do you mean, we’d be the first ones making an MR tour through a historical site? What can we do to blow minds with this budget? Can we do it with EU funds? Can we get another award for our project(s)? 

What if paintings started speaking to visitors in museums, and how do we put museums into people’s
How would one escape from Hell?

Can we grow a house in the catalogue? What would people say if they would see a curtain coming alive? Can we recall historical figures back to life so they can tell us what’s what from way back then?  

We are here to listen to your needs and wishes, and turn them into powerful, meaningful and engaging XR experiences. Contact us if you would like to discuss the partnership in creating digital excellence.


We also have answers to all the questions above.

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