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Aug 20, 2021

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Evolving with the company — Matko’s journey in Delta Reality

Evolving with the company — Matko’s journey in Delta Reality

Delta Reality headquarters are a crossroad where puzzle pieces come together to fulfil every single desire of our clients. That means you get about 26 people and six dogs working (and barking) tirelessly on complex projects in order to achieve perfection. None of that would be possible without Matko, our QA tester, who has been with us for over four years.

Matko is a QA tester in Delta Reality.

His journey started back in his student days when he joined us as a part-time event support member. This is the story of how Matko and the company evolved together.

From a childhood playtime to a profession

Matko’s journey was influenced by his father who worked in a telecommunication company. Wires and screwdrivers were his toys, so we can say his path was preordained. When reflecting on his education and college years, Matko acknowledges the impact it had — “not in terms of the knowledge I got through college years, but in terms of thinking clearly,” he explains. “It helped me see situations from a different perspective, and it vastly helped me in determining the best way to solve a problem.”

The evolution

While working at a 9-to-5 job for another tech company, he stumbled upon a job post by Delta Reality. He came in for an interview and scored a job as Event Support. “I didn’t need to think twice about working for Delta Reality,” says Matko. “I liked the company’s mindset, so coming here was only logical.”

As the company was focused on short-duration events in the event industry — weekend events all around Europe — the position was primarily a weekend job where he was present on location, setting up the hardware and making sure everything was running smoothly. The company evolved, and so did Matko. Delta Reality’s main focus went from the event industry to long-term projects with a focus on multimedia centers. That was when the need for hardware support became conspicuous, and it was obvious who the perfect candidate was for the job. Becoming Hardware Support also switched Matko from being a part-time to a full-time employee.

Not too many companies in Croatia could offer VR and high-tech hardware support, so the fusion of a software-oriented company and full hardware support enabled us to offer a complete experience for our clients. Matko’s role was to find the right hardware for each client, and he did an excellent job.

With time, the production team grew. All the applications became much more complex, so a QA tester was needed. Matko was there from the beginning. He was in touch with every application made within the company. He observed the user’s behavior and this way gathered a ton of experience relevant to this position, so it was only logical he would be the one to become a full-blown QA. He worked not only on finding all the bugs and possible inconsistencies but also moving his personal user experience, which is completely unique for virtual and augmented reality headsets.

QA Tester in Delta Reality

We asked him what his favorite part of his recent promotion was. “I find the whole process really interesting because I’m there from the start. When you work on a project from the beginning, you know how much hard work has been put into everything, so when you see the final result, you get that ‘wow’ feeling. I work in a team of amazing people, and it feels great contributing to the full picture.”

A job @ Delta Reality

When we asked Matko what his message to applicants would be, he said: “We are the pioneers in VR, AR, and MR technology in Croatia, so new members are going to become part of a fantastic and incredibly innovative team that creates really high-tech things. Be ready for a challenge, show some initiative, and keep an open mind. Sometimes when you want something to work you need to work hard, but all of that is considered and will be rewarded. Stay true to yourself and to the company, and do your job. It is that simple.”

At this point, we are looking for a student to join Matko’s team, so if his story encourages you to give it a shot and take off on a journey with Delta Reality, we will be more than happy to review your application. All the details about the job can be found on the link.

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