Wienerberger Tondach AR brochure activation

We love inquiries coming from usually traditional industries.
“Wienerberger” is the world’s largest producer of bricks, and number one on the clay roof tile market in Europe as well as concrete pavers in Central and Eastern Europe.
With their new line of products, “Wienerberger” wanted to communicate their devotion to constant technological advancement as well as their readiness to make an extra step for their buyers.


Upon noticing that there are many producers of clay roof tiles, we have decided to make “Wienerberger” stand out by leveraging their existing promotional channel – printed brochures. As one of the leaders in the industry, “Wienerberger” has an established reach and loyal customer base – and the campaign reflected their effort to enable their customers to visualize “Wienerberger” products much easier, hence shortening the buying decision times.

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