Vaillant AR facility tour

Our good friends from “Elastique” creative agency introduced us to the concept of augmented reality facility tours.
Their inquiry was pretty simple – “We need an activation that is both educational and fun to go through.”
After visiting the Vaillant production facility in Remscheid, Germany, we slowly began to unravel our plan; it was to make an AR app which would literally turn heads while allowing all the necessary information to be presented in an engaging way.


Keeping in mind the predominant age of visitors and the wish for impactful activation that would allow for better brand communication, we have decided to develop the tour that will engage visitors in a fun but informative way.
The main character of the experience is the Vaillant bunny, who takes you on the tour of the facility, stopping to highlight important areas of the facility while teaching the history of the organisation to the visitors.

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