Siemens Vision 2020

Siemens was planning an event with a central theme: “Vision 2020—The Siemens experience.” As the event was to be held in the Croatian National Theater, an institution with centuries of tradition, they wanted to have a mix of traditional and modern technologies. So, they decided to create an augmented reality exhibition.

For this purpose, 12 images were printed in a large format (100cm × 150cm), with each one depicting their products and services as well as the company strategy. When attendees pointed a tablet at an image depicting Siemens technology, they were able to see how the technology worked in practice through videos and 3D animations.

Additionally, using a Samsung Gear VR, visitors could “teleport” into the middle of an offshore wind turbine or the construction site for the Gotthard Tunnel. The exhibition was held over four days. The built-in analytics revealed that over 3.000 animations were activated during the course of the exhibition.

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