Šibenik Virtual teacher

The RaSTEM project, implemented in Croatian elementary schools, aims to motivate young people to take an interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The Challenge

We were tasked with developing an educational application for Android and iOS platforms that will present the inventions of Faust Vrančić through interactive features. The application uses augmented reality (AR) to “bring to life” sculptures in the STEM park in Šibenik and includes quizzes and additional multimedia content.

The Solution

  • Display of 10 dioramas in AR based on 16th-century inventions that illustrate Vrančić’s achievements.
  • Display of four recorded videos with an actor portraying Faust Vrančić.
  • An interactive quiz with three questions related to each invention, with the ability to update questions via a web interface.
  • Augmented reality technology is used to animate real sculptures in the park, turning them into dynamic dioramas.

The Results

The application is expected to successfully raise awareness of the significance of Faust Vrančić and his legacy in Šibenik, utilizing the space of the newly opened park. In addition to its educational value for elementary school students, the application also offers an attractive interactive experience for tourists, using funds from EU grants for the project’s realization.

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