Sensor app

This project (Sensor 3.0) came to life as an update to the previous version of the application which was done a few years ago. The solution needed a revamp in terms of technological and visual improvements, but next to it it also included introducing potential new features. The premise of the project was creating a modern solution which would solve the needs for online focus group qualitative research purposes and ensure anonymity through creation of personal avatars while making it accessible to a much wider audience.

The Solution

The project had its designated specialists (software developers, designers, 3D artists and QA testers) which were guided by the project’s dedicated PM through the standard project flow – from initial features definition and design to final QA testings and deployment.

  • Complete visual rebranding
  • Implementing a new avatar creating solution within the project – RPM
  • Integrated face-tracking and lipsyncing solutions connecting users with their avatars through exact facial expressions
  • Created custom environments based on client requirements
  • Defining new set of roles within the solution (Respondent, Moderator, Administrator & Spectator)
  • Adding new interaction features within the solution for Moderator and Respondent roles
  • Enabled direct-to-user in-session stimuli (images, videos, documents) sharing
  • Next to updating Windows and Mac builds also created a mobile version of the same solution for both Android & iOS devices making it a full cross-platform solution
  • Created a full-blown session streaming and chat solution
  • Created an online custom admin panel allowing for complex user and session management
  • Created automated emailing solutions for session setup and session recording distribution

The Result

Sensor 3.0 revolutionized user recruitment and data collection by replacing the old, limited application. This cross-platform solution reached a wider audience on App Store and Play Store, expanding the client’s database significantly. Gone are manual processes! Sensor 3.0 automates recruitment and session setup with an admin panel and email solutions. Now, even white-labeling options are being explored, empowering the client to offer branded versions to their own clients.

Project Highlights

This is one of our first multiplatform solutions working on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and a web page with twitch-like features, while having the recording and streaming offloaded to a custom instance running on AWS so that it doesn’t impact the users experience with heavy cpu usage and internet bandwidth.

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