Mythical Istria

Those who dare walk the streets of Istria after nightfall should be wary - there are many magical and mythical creatures who lurk in dark corners and alleyways. Mares that sit on your chest and bring nightmares, evil witches, scary beasts. An unsuspecting passenger walks by the house of Mare the Witch. A black cat and a mysterious creature Orko guard the entrance of the house from two screens set by the doorway. Their eyes move to follow anyone who passes in front of them or tries to enter the premises.

Inside an interactive book awaits, holding the secrets of mystical and magical creatures. As the visitors leaf through it, letters and illustrations are projected on its pages to bring Istrian lore to life. From tales of monsters that carry off people into the unknown to ominous cats that sit on your chest and bring you nightmares, the book shares ancient knowledge of those beasts and how to defeat them. It all culminates in an epic battle between the hero Krsnik (think of Istrian Witcher) and an evil witch.

Having learned about the lurking dangers, it is time for the visitors of Mare’s house to face their fears and stand side by side with the monsters from the tales – and take a picture with them, as a reminder that it wasn’t all just a dream.

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