Museum of Digital Life

MoDaL or Museum of Digital life started as a secret project in our studio at the start of 2020. As fascinated as we were with the idea of combining technology and art, we asked ourselves whether we could push the boundaries of art as we know it today and create a new perspective. This is how the idea of the Museum of Digital Life was created.

MoDaL is an NFT representing a place at the intersection of art, technology, engineering and mathematics. A place where we don’t place digital art in a digital museum, but where we build the whole museum around specific art pieces.
In this place, we moved beyond the 2D space and created 3D art you can walk around, walk into, and interact with. A place you can visit and explore with other art lovers, just like you would do in the real world, creating a real, living part of the metaverse. A place that will continually grow.


This project quickly became noticed and the press started getting interested in what we’ve created. Mashable, INPUT Magazine, XR Today, and Museum Next are just a few portals that published their story about MoDaL.
As complex as it is, this was one of those projects where we outdid ourselves and is a true example of how a simple idea can develop into something extraordinary.


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