Museum of Bećarac

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In 2011, Bećarac was inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The city of Pleternica protected the name "Museum of Bećarac," and through the cross-border project "Cultural Route of Bećarac and Ganga," Bećarac Square was built in Pleternica.

As part of the “World of Graševina” project, the Interpretation Center Museum of Bećarac was constructed and equipped. The “World of Graševina” is a unique project that leverages the wine identity and cultural heritage in branding the entire region, conceived as a support to the tourism sector of the Požega-Slavonia County.

The Interpretation Center showcases Bećarac through authentic heritage bearers, original items, and modern technology. The heart of the Museum of Bećarac is its people: without people, there is no Bećarac! Through a unique exhibition setup, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrancy of sounds, colors, and scents, and become a part of the Bećarac community.


The Solution

As part of the interactive and unique exhibition setup, our task was to create 9 custom applications for the visitors where they can learn, interact and immerse themselves in the Bećarac universe.


  • Explore the Future of Bećarac: Discover Bećarac compositions created using AI and machine learning.
  • Get Personalized with Bećarac and Me: Take a quiz to receive a custom-generated Bećarac.
  • Sing Along in Karaoke: Belt out Bećarac lyrics with an old-fashioned microphone and virtual leaderboard.
  • Bring Circle Dance to Life: Color and animate a drawing of people dancing the traditional kolo.
  • Delve into Playful Doro’s World: Explore Bećarac’s lighthearted themes with an interactive app and personalized video.
  • Master the Tambourine: Tap the right keys on a specially designed tamburica in a rhythm-based game.
  • Embark on an AR Adventure: Immerse yourself in the Bećarac world with virtual objects surrounding you.
  • Uncork the Winemaking Process: Discover the intricacies of winemaking through an interactive touch-screen experience.
  • Record Your Bećarac: Sing along with virtual singers and receive humorous feedback on your performance.

The result

Besides a substantial number of visitors and engagement in the media, the museum can proudly say it has already received 4 big awards. Golden winner of the American MUSE Creative Awards 2023 amongst 10.000 applications from 17 countries, BigSEE Tourism Design Awards 2023. in the category “Creative story and identity as experience”, 

The Museum was also awarded with the Annual Croatian Tourism Awards and Golden Sunflower Charter in the category of “Rural Tourist Facilities” in Croatia.

Project highlights


  • We used neural networks and machine learning to train and create new Bećarac songs utilising the power of AI
  • Created a custom made tamburica (tambourine) with color coded keys, resembling the guitars used in the universally popular Guitar Hero game. The twist and specific here is that we used original and historically protected tamburica instrument and adding Arduino controler and custom color coded key instead of the strings. This is the firsts of its kind in the Croatia and, as far as we know, first in the world.
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