Mare the Witch

St. Vincent is a Renaissance town, located in the south of central Istria, Croatia. It is famous not only for its history and architecture, but also for an interesting historical person, Mare the Witch. In 1632, Mare Radolovich, the herbalist of St. Vincent, was accused of witchcraft by her fellow citizens.

Even though she helped and treated them with her herbal cures, they condemned her and burnt her at the stake in the backyard of Morosini-Grimani Castle. Three hundred years later, it was decided that Mare deserves another opportunity for a new life. That is why, with the help of new technology, we brought her spirit back to life by giving her a new home in the House of Mare the Witch, a visitor center.

During this journey, you can try your hand at virtual archery (HTC Vive) and become a knight defending a castle from an invasion of hostile knights, all fully rendered in 3D. The story continues even after you leave the house. You enter a new adventure wearing augmented reality glasses (Microsoft Hololens), whose content is based on the legend of an unknown knight.

With the AR glasses, you can navigate through St. Vincent in search of the lost equipment of the unknown knight. You will be led by the voice of a guide, who will tell you about the places where you can you collect the missing items.

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