Linde Virtual Academy - VR Firefighting

Linde, one of the leading industrial gas and engineering giants, reached out to us with a request to create a Firefighting VR training session for their Virtual Academy. As their main goal is to make their world more productive every day, this session would enable a prompt reaction, even in the most unpredictable times such as the worst-case scenario – fire in a process plant.


Although this was quite a complex task, we kept it simple, thus creating a VR module to educate the field operator on how to react if such a catastrophic event occurs. During the process, trainees learn about various types of fire, they get to know different firefighting techniques, what they mean and how to apply them safely.

If responded incorrectly a visual simulation of the consequences occurs and the trainee gets to try again. Once again, practical training is the best possible way to prepare for such a risky situation where every single second counts.

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