Linde Virtual Academy - Handover to Maintenance

When it comes to Linde, they are all about safety. This global giant is no stranger to high-quality solutions, the latest technologies, and services that help its customers on their way to success while still keeping our planet’s wellbeing in mind. Another complex inquiry they had for us was to create a VR course for their Virtual Academy on how to prepare a vessel for maintenance. Utilizing our favorite problem-solving approach, we got it right!


In this step-by-step experience trainees will learn and practice every single step, starting with vessel isolation, all the way to the execution and purging up the operation.
Different conditions in each simulation are completely randomized, which can change the scenario entirely. The incorrect choice may affect the ongoing operations, resulting in the simulation of severe consequences, but still providing a trainee a fantastic way to learn from its mistakes while still being completely safe and sound.

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