Ledo Medo AR sticker album

Company "Ledo", the biggest ice-cream producer in Croatia approached us with the inquiry of making their sticker album interactive.
The album has been produced for more than a decade and already has nationwide childhood staple status.
The team from "Ledo" envisioned an activation of the album that would be both educative and entertaining.
Users had to collect five gold stickers featuring the most popular dinosaurs like T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl.

While looking at the stickers a dinosaur appears with animations and sounds – the T-Rex has a mighty roar, while Stegosaurus spins his strong plated tail. Along the way, we’ve got an additional idea – why not use the album itself for additional experience? So we’ve created a multi-level system that recognizes when a sticker is placed inside an album to activate a full set of animations. At that moment, a prehistoric environment rises from the album and a dinosaur steps out of the sticker and starts walking on the album. While keeping the users’ demographics in mind, we have developed a solution in which
As you need to collect stickers to use the app, we have created additional animation with a little cartoon T-Rex that is activated with just a page of the album without any additional stickers. In this way, you can get the AR experience even if you did not collect the golden stickers yet. As an extra feature, we developed an infinite runner-style game with a cartoon T-Rex.

Finally, we added a dancing brand mascot activated by pointing the camera at the logo – an Easter egg for our users.

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