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In 2016, the Intervention Plan for the City of Knin was adopted, representing a long-term strategic plan for the development of the local community. The Intervention Plan also includes the renovation and revitalization of the Knin Fortress (the second largest military fortification in Europe), a protected urban entity registered in the Register of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia as a monument of special national interest.

The Challenge

The establishment of the Knin Fortress Interpretation Center is one of the key projects for the development of this monumental fortress into an attractive and open cultural-tourist location. Using new technologies and extensive historical findings, the Interpretation Center is focused on showcasing different aspects of the fortress, from its military and defensive role to its cultural and social significance. In addition, another major focus is on the people who lived, worked, and defended the fortress throughout its history.

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The Solution

As multimedia experts, we were tasked with creating a first-of-kind outdoor Mixed Reality experience, an Interactive book and a VR experience involving a flight over the Knin Fortress. 

Mixed Reality

Visitors to the Knin Fortress are able to experience the history of the fortress in a fun and engaging way using a Mixed Reality app. The app provides an immersive experience that blends virtual and real environments, allowing visitors to step back in time and explore the fortress as it was in different periods of its history. As visitors move around selected points of interest on the fortress, they are able to see virtual recreations of historical events and learn about how people lived and worked in the fortress.

Using state-of-the art technology such as Volumetric Capture, real soldiers wearing historical clothes truly showcase how everyday life in the fortress looked like. There are two narrative units, each divided in 5 unique spots, showcasing life on the fortress from morning personal care to soldiers playing cards or guard duty. The experience highlights major historic persons involved in preserving the Fortress,.


Virtual Reality

A unique VR experience of a hot air balloon flight above the Fortress of Knin with spectacular views of historical and natural beauty such as the Krka River and Dinara Mountains.

Visitors can look around in 360 degrees to get a glimpse of the monumentality of the Knin Fortress and learn about the great geographical position and advantages that the Fortress had in the history. They can also enjoy and learn about the surrounding area, mountain peak and even the famous winds from every point of the compass.

Interactive book

By creating an Augmented Reality book, every visitor can read the book in a traditional way, flipping through the pages, but enjoy it even more by experiencing the pages come alive in front of their own eyes.  Friar Lujo’s Antique Treasury is a testament to a unique individual deeply embedded in the Fortress’s history. Alongside his regular duties, Friar Lujo had a passion for archaeology. He dedicated his time to researching artefacts at the Fortress and even raised funds from the public to prevent it from becoming a quarry. Visitors can explore three distinct themes through hand-made illustrations and animations, bringing history to life in an engaging and vivid manner.

The Result

A modern and unique Interpretation Center brings the rich history of Europe’s second-largest fortress to life using the latest technologies. This center introduces innovative experiences, such as the first known open-air Mixed Reality experience, making it a major highlight on all travel routes. From its opening the center has been attracting local residents and new visitors, providing even more reasons to visit Knin.

Project highlights

Our team undertook volumetric capture involving 102 cameras and 20 mobile phones to capture real soldiers in unique historic outfits and transferred their movement directly to a 3D environment. 

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