Fairytale Forest

Folklore in the Balkan areas is rich with stories of fairies, gnomes, dragons, and many other mythical creatures. The picturesque nature of the Croatian region Međimurje and Hungarian Baranja county only add up as fertile soil to grow all those magical stories.
Our clients wanted to bring tradition and folklore closer to their guests, which is how the VR and AR application Fairytale Forest came to be.

We built an application based on 36 tablets to provide an AR experience that feels rather natural in exploring the forest, while for the VR experience, 16 Meta Quest 2 VR headsets immerse every visitor into an authentic world of magic.
The forest, now a virtual home to all of these creatures, will take you on an AR journey where you will indulge in a search for characters, and by playing mini-games, you will be releasing them from the darkness. Following, your adventure will continue in a room with a VR headset where you will replenish the forest once again.
Let the magical world of Fairytale Forest show you that the line between reality and a fairytale is only a lens thick.

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