Elynxir app

This project came to life from an idea where music and gaming would collide and create a new music metaverse ecosystem. Delta Reality was given responsibility over the Elynxir mobile app and the task was to create a solution which would support the PC version of the Elynxir universe. The premise was to create a mobile app focusing on the map exploring concept made popular by Pokemon-GO, but putting audio-visual experiences as its main content.

The Solution

The app had its designated specialists (software developers and 3D artists) and a dedicated PM which worked alongside the Pixelynx team of designers, 3D artists and production executives to deliver multiple versions of the application under a complex release schedule. The client wanted to use the app as an event-based solution which would allow the users to move around a certain location and discover new musical points of interest. Delta Reality relied on the use of AR and Niantic’s VPS feature as the main pieces of technology allowing for  a different approach to exploring, discovering and ultimately experiencing music.

A Demo version of the Elynxir app presented on Niantic’s Lightship Summit in San Francisco was the first one which was released to the public and it set the bar high for all the builds that were to follow. Spinning Records Version, Miami Music Week Version & Art Basel Event Version, are just some which were created and released in collaboration with Pixelynx.

Team achievemnts


  • incorporate a great amount of audio-visual assets
  • integrate VPS
  • integrate a custom RPM solution
  • perfect logic and visually polish the AR experiences
  • integrate a login/signup flow
  • support marketing initiatives through timed push notfications
  • created a complex asset management and scheduled releases of app content
  • created a complex quest, rewards and inventory system
  • created a whitelabelled solution which allowed for re-skinnig the application based on any event’s needs
  • release the iOS and Android application according to timed event-based releases


The Result

The Demo version of the Elynxir application won the prize for best VFX, opened the door to an investment from Niantic Ventures and resulted with Animoca Brands’ taking majority stake in music metaverse company PIXELYNX. 

Project Highlights

The fact that we got to collaborate with external backend, audio, art and gaming experts and delievred an award winning solution was pretty cool by itself. However, the fact that we managed to stretch the VPS technology and push the boundaries in terms of the amount and complexity of AR experienced delivered through a mobile application is something we are very proud of. The amount of work put into asset optimization and on-location perfecting VPS system polishing is admirable.

Finally, the fact that the team managed to expand into having an R&D segment providing new fatures and AR gamification solution for the Client is something we are extremely proud of.

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