Did you know that the human brain recalls only about 10% of written content, in comparison with visual content where that percentage is up to 65%? This is why more and more companies in the market try to lean on alternatives such as Augmented reality books. What really makes an AR book so special?
At first glimpse, Augmented Reality books seem to look like any other book, however, they come with a twist. Once you pair each book with carefully built AR technology, a whole new world emerges right in front of you.


Moving 3D objects, sounds and creative stories presented in the form of animation are sort of a standard, while some books also include interactive objects. Content presented in a form of an AR book is way more engaging, and interesting, and above all, it is an enjoyable activity.
Every user can read the book content in a traditional way, flipping through the pages, but the phenomenal part here is the way the story is being presented.

Augmented reality books can be used in a fair amount of industries, for storytelling purposes. Our team consists of bright and creative minds with plenty of expertise in creating AR books. So far we have made a bunch of AR books where the users emerge into a world full of magical and historical beings.
Enough of talking, just play the video and see for yourself.

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