3A Composites

3A Composites is a global leader in the world of composites, offering a diverse range of solutions across markets like Display, Architecture, Wind Energy, and more. From extruded and cast plastic sheets to composite panels and core materials, their product lineup caters to various needs.

But what truly sets them apart is their commitment to innovation and understanding user requirements. Instead of traditional presentations, they’ve developed a unique marketing tool: The Toolbox.

Imagine a virtual city nestled in a picturesque landscape. As you explore, you’ll discover everyday objects – a library, a stadium, even an airport – each constructed using various 3A Composites materials. This interactive experience showcases the practical applications of their offerings, from balsa wood to Airex foam, in a fun and engaging way.

Developed in Unity, the Toolbox goes beyond visuals. Users can access detailed information, images, videos, and documents for each product. Want a closer look? Zoom in on a seat back cover, rotate it, and visualize its potential – an advantage paper brochures simply can’t offerEmpowering sales teams is another key feature. By selecting desired materials, users can receive an automated email with all the information, eliminating the need for printing and simplifying data sharing.

The Toolbox exemplifies 3A Composites’ approach: transforming complex materials into captivating experiences that simplify product understanding and empower both users and sales teams.

The Solution

The Toolbox started as a Unity application, designed to shine at trade shows as a product and marketing tool. Through three iterations, a vibrant 3D city emerged, boasting over 25 points of interest (POIs) – think airports, libraries, stadiums, and even ski shops! Each POI showcases specific brands, markets, and real-world applications of 3A Composites’ materials. For deeper dives, some POIs offer “layers” where users can zoom in on particular products and dive deeper.

But it’s not just visuals. Clicking on products reveals detailed descriptions, images, videos, and even data sheets and catalogs – all accessible within the app. Want to get hands-on? Certain products offer 3D previews, allowing users to zoom in, rotate, and virtually interact with them in ways brochures simply can’t.

Empowering sales is key too. Users can select desired materials and receive an automated email with all the information, streamlining data sharing and eliminating printing needs. The Toolbox journey showcases 3A Composites’ commitment to innovation. It’s not just a product demonstration; it’s an immersive experience that simplifies understanding and empowers both users and sales teams.

The Results

Forget dry presentations and static brochures. The Toolbox reinvents product exploration with a modern, user-friendly interface. Real-life use cases come alive, showcasing the product line in an engaging way that leaves competitors in the dust.


At trade shows, the Toolbox became a magnet, drawing crowds eager to experience this innovative approach. Lines formed as attendees delved into the interactive city, sending tailored information directly to their emails. The results? A 12% increase in proposals and quotes, solidifying 3A Composites’ leadership position.

With brand awareness soaring, the future shines bright. Expansion plans include adding new locations to the virtual city, and even venturing into the immersive world of VR to further captivate users. The Toolbox is more than just a tool; it’s a testament to 3A Composites’ commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences.

Project Highlights

We created an immense digital library with data and 3A materials with more than 400 valuable items

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