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Open application:

We are always searching for new talent and if you are interested in joining our team, send us an email to

We will contact you when we have an opening which is suitable for you and your skills.

Our values

  • Teamwork
  • Proactivity
  • Communication skills
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Enthusiasm

What can you expect from us

Professional growth

You will be working on XR projects with a team of highly skilled professionals, which will lead you up the path of your own professional growth. Our atmosphere can be fun and games, but our basis are professional and quality projects.

Competitive salary

We will agree on your starting base salary depending on your experience and knowledge – let’s grow together from a start.


With your base salary, you can also expect bonuses. They usually come in around Christmas and summer holidays as an additional reward for all of our employees. Also, we like to stimulate those individuals whose performance is outstanding.

The right tools and the right equipment

When joining our team, you can choose the right equipment you need – depending on your position of course. Whether it is a PC, fancy new phone or any other device you need to work with – we got you covered.

Flexible working hours and SWAP

Feel like having a 3 day weekend or working from home? Not a biggie, mix and match your work hours into a 40 hours week, do the job you are assigned for in time, sync yourself with the team and off you go!

Remote work

We like the individuals who go the extra mile, so we won’t limit you to the same place. Office location? Anywhere you want it to be.

Annual leave

Your base annual leave starts with 21 days off, but as a long-term member of our team, you will get some extra time off. As a parent, we will also add some extra days.

100% paid sick leave

Don’t even bother being stressed out about being sick. We got you covered with 100% paid sick leave. Rest and return better.

Health benefits

We value the time you spend working, so to make sure you are on track with how your body ticks, you will get a complete biennial checkup covered by us. If you are a sports type, there is a Multisport card waiting for you too. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Parental benefits

We love welcoming newborns into our Delta Reality family, so you will get a bonus for every baby. In that spirit, you will also receive an extra Christmas bonus for every child, and an additional day off on the first day of school or kindergarten. Keep’em coming.

Personal development & progress

Our industry develops constantly, and so will you. In order to keep you happy and content with the position, your development and progress will be tracked on a monthly basis. Furthermore, you can expect a performance review, where all of your ideas and suggestions will be heard and dealth with.


We believe in our common growth as a team, so we offer you continuous education, conferences and workshops.

Project rotation

We do make the magic happen, but sometimes working the long term projects can be tough and exhausting, so we rotate people through different projects. This will not only keep you fresh and efficient, but it will also enhance your skill set.

Student benefits

For all of our students, we want you to know you are valued, which is why you can also expect a Christmas bonus and paid time off. Now you can finally relax and study for your exams or go on a vacation without worrying about your income.

Team buildings

We are not just about work. We love unforgettable team-building experiences, parties and hanging out together. We believe those moments create strong bonds between us but there is also great food to really make it outstanding.

Join our team!

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