Frauscher Learning Academy

Frauscher, as a global market leader in the sensor & technology segment, makes it easier for system integrators and railway operators to obtain the information they need to run, monitor and protect their trains and operational networks.

Their wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters are essential components of various applications ensuring their safe and reliable functioning. 

With staff members at more than 15 locations, Frauscher wanted to explore and join digital trends in personnel training by expanding their established Training Academy. They enthusiastically stepped into the realm of virtual and mixed reality. Their proactive efforts in this area are geared towards crafting interactive and immersive VR training scenarios, with a focus on optimizing learning outcomes and enhancing the overall customer experience.


The Solution

To enhance the training experience for Frauscher engineers, we developed a VR-based solution that simulates real-world training scenarios. The solution features three scenarios: mounting a wheel sensor (outdoor), troubleshooting and replacing a faulty board (indoor), and exploring FadC boards. All scenarios are available in guided and unguided modes, and both single-player and multiplayer options are supported. The realistic environments, assets, and UI were created in-house, ensuring a high-quality training experience.

The Result

Built three fully functional scenarios which replicate real-life location-based training scenarios. This led to successful onboarding and internal usage in Frauscher Training Academy with excellent user acceptance (average rate of 4.6), skill acquisition and high retention. Additionally, the VR training modules are expected to improve safety and impact training time as well as reduce the need for additional resources in the employee education segment. Finally, launching this project worldwide in 2024, Frauscher is expecting to extend brand awareness and achieve growth in leads and potential clients.

Project highlights

We created a completely custom physics based interaction system which works simultaneously either by using controllers or with hand tracking. Some of the unique interactions include specific wrist rotation, using two fingers to adjust small DIP switches which are one of the kind on the market.

To enhance the project we created a custom virtual instructor called Frauschi who will serve as a proud mascot of Frauscher Virtual Academy and hopefully remain as a memorable representative of the brand.

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