A1's New Form of Life Facebook campaign

In October 2018., one of the biggest telecommunications providers in Croatia, VIP, went through a rebranding and became A1.
It is not only the logo that changed – under the new slogan “A1 – New form of life”, the organization communicates its clear goal of becoming a leader in telecommunications in the region, showing its readiness to adapt to modern market conditions as well as to the new generation of customers.
To communicate their new initiative, the A1 team tasked us to create an activation that would combine their new, modern design with well-known symbols in Croatia.


We have taken the A1 brand logo and made multiple iterations of it, not only to offer versatility but to appeal to the generation that wants everything fitted to their needs.
With us developing the link for a Facebook activation and A1 distributing it through their Facebook company account, we have enabled A1 customers to show what this “New form of life” means to them; and the results were awesome.
In addition, A1 incentivized their users to share their digital creations with the A1 logo embedded in them, achieving an explosion of user-generated content, hence proving the readiness to leap into a “New form of life” with their users.

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