Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace historical tour VR experience

For the beautiful city of Split, we created a historical tour through Diocletian’s Palace. The historical tour led the viewer through several centuries of the palace and was guided and narrated by the Roman Emperor Diocletian himself.

The biggest challenge lay in recreating the palace, since we only had a limited amount of information about it. Using present day photos as well as historical information, using both present-day photos and historical information, we recreated not only the palace but also the clothes and look of the time. We realized that, to construct an immersive experience, we couldn’t just have an empty palace by itself – we also needed to bring it to life with people.

So, when heading through the palace, you can see a troop of soldiers march by, merchants trading at the market, and citizens of that time casually walking around. For the same reason, we didn’t use a voice-over, as we realized that having Diocletian guide you through his palace would be a more immersive experience. The tour had to be developed for the Samsung Gear VR headset, so all of the content was rendered into a HQ 360° video to preserve the high level of detail. It was translated into four languages: Croatian, Polish, German and English. The VR tour is available every summer in Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

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