Attract, engage, immerse

Creating bespoke digital experiences since 2015.

Experiential marketing

Virtual reality

Customer-oriented experiences enabling custom made narratives.
Tailor-made scenarios that immerse, engage and communicate brand values to your future customer.
Finest experiential marketing tool run by ultimate empathy tech.


Simultaneous immersion and engagement

Mixed reality

Advanced promotional concept enabling companies to anchor the brand idea to the broader context. Seamless cohesion of digital content with material objects will enforce the brand idea through mindful, informative and ultimately engaging technology.


Print or mobile, OOH or at home, offline and online

Augmented reality

Promotional versatility at its best. Multipurpose, multichannel and multi-user campaigns transmitting your brand message into the users' universe.
Print or web, mobile or tablet, web, location and trigger-based - this technology provides a multitude of possibilities so you can develop a plethora of promotional solutions.


So real you can touch it


Focusing on customer experience, making it unique, memorable and loud in the brand communication.
Brand interaction is nothing short of guaranteed. Closely related to experiential marketing, holograms are proving themselves as a voice speaking to us from the future.


Capture the imagination

Interactive photobooths

Powered by creativity and artificial intelligence, our photobooths will supercharge your brand promotion events. From contextual to gamified activations, from background change to body swap, from the deserts of Morroco to your own store - photo booths provide customer engagement on a level unmatched by any traditional means of promotion.